greengenieur Stories

Analysing Building Pollutants in Buildings under Protection Order

Buildings under a protection pose particular challenges when it comes to renovations. For the project planning of the renovations in the old rectory in Altishofen, greengenieur prepared a targeted building pollutant report.

Every Year the Donation Receipt Comes

In gratitude for a successful first business year, greengenieur gmbh donated some "time" to a non-profit organization and automated the creation of donation receipts.

Reverse Engineering Prolongs the Security of Supply of a Product

The security of supply of goods and products cannot be taken for granted. Disruptions in global supply chains, health emergencies or political escalations can interrupt supplies from one day to the next. For an individual company, however, the bankruptcy or product discontinuation of a supplier can be an essential threat. Reverse engineering can be used to eliminate potential vulnerabilities.

Small Assistant for Photovoltaics

Photovoltaics (PV) is on everyone's lips. Long ridiculed, it has been experiencing a boom for several years. For the installation on site, the professionals develop small, helping tools to speed up certain work. A company among greengenieur's customers has developed a holder for optimizers, which had to be adapted to new conditions.

Asbestos Examination

An exciting area in the portfolio of greengenieur is the examination of buildings for building pollutants. Together with the company Bauplaning AG we were allowed to sample the multi-purpose hall of Riedholz. By specific analyses within the construction perimeter the polluted building elements were determined.